Data Warehouse

Mahacitta provides the most complete data warehouse solution in the market by turning the data within your organization to the next level of information. One of the main objectives in having a data warehouse is to have a foundation of fully integrated database which provides relevant, accurate, and timely information to the business. In doing the data warehousing project, we adapt the best industry models/best practices which will benefit the client in accelerating the implementation process and reducing the risks. Based on our in-depth expertise and experience, Mahacitta offer a wide array of services and solutions to suit your information needs.


IBM Cognos TM1 is enterprise planning software that can radically transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budget rollout all the way to reporting, analysis and reforecasting. With Mahacitta and Cognos TM1, you can rapidly analyze data, model business requirements and collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts to uncover hidden business options and optimize performance.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

In an IT environment that has a variety of technologies, program application and information integration is the ideal solutions that can improve your company's effectivity and efficiency. SOA gives you solution using your legacy system to prevent high risk in its business process transformation on your implementation.

System Server

When you need to grow your business, Mahacitta can help you drive forward. Our server advancements in scalability, reliability and performance can help you create a dynamic, streamlined infrastructure to enable you to take your business where you want it to go. Our server offerings include IBM System i, p and X. System i is the midrange server with "mainframe" features, i.e. a high reliable machine and logical partitioning with multi-OS capability (Windows, AIX, OS/400), which is geared more towards specific purpose with extensive database support. System p is a multipurpose system that has big expandability in terms of storage and processor. Its flexibility makes it suitable for mission critical projects that need on-demand technology. While IBM System X is a portfolio of robust servers built on IBM X-architecture, innovation that helps set you apart from the competition. The right tools for your IT infrastructure that is more reliable, more available and can be built in a more flexible manner will enable you to get your applications or products into production earlier. More affordable IT allows you to take the money that is saved and use it to fuel innovation projects.

Enterprise Portal (WebSphere Portal)

IBM® WebSphere® Portal products provide enterprise web portals that help companies deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for their customers. By deploying this solution, Mahacitta could provide products that give users a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. These products help increase visitor response and reduce web operations cost while offering a range of capabilities to meet your business needs.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Mahacitta helps companies move from their point of solution of information delivery, integration, and data integrity to a broad data and technical foundation that provides a higher order of analytics. The solution combines data warehouse and business intelligence software to support database and forecasts to help organizations make better decision for the future. Business intelligence has complete capabilities including business, production and dashboard reporting, score carding, deep comparative analysis, process-oriented event management, and data management, all in a single modular product.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management is the technology used to capture, store, preserve and deliver content and documents and content related to organizational processes. Mahacitta using IBM FileNet P8 provides the first unified content, process and compliance environment that offers maximum operational flexibility, accelerates application deployment and lowers total cost of ownership. With FileNet P8 we can provide interoperability to the widest selection of databases, applications, operating systems, portals, security, servers, storage, systems management tools, and Web server environments. FileNet P8 can be deployed as a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) shared services platform, helping organizations reduce the cost of operations and simplify their global IT infrastructure.


Mahacitta offers IBM system storage as the market leader in the industry. Innovative technology, open standards, excellent performance, a broad portfolio of proven software, hardware and solutions offerings are just a few reasons why you should consider our storage offerings. New storage devices are being designed to improve systems and operational management to reduce complexity, and to address operational risk, security and availability challenges. Our IBM system storage offers proven hardware that drives real results for every-sized business. Mahacitta along with IBM can bring you the storage solutions you require to support your IT infrastructure with robust functionality and excellent scalability.

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